The Gold DofE Expedition is an opportunity to achieve something truly special. How often do most of us spend 4 days going on an journey which it has taken us months or even years to prepare and train for? Unless you become a mountaineer, rock climber or explorer in later life this is likely to be the most challenging and rewarding outdoor experience of your life.
Also, at Gold level there is the opportunity to complete your journey over seas with either a group from your school or make new friends by joining an Open Gold Expedition.


A Gold Dofe Expedition with Indie Outdoors can take place either in an area of the UK classified as wild country or an appropriate area overseas. We use a beautiful area of the eastern Pyrenees near Mt Canigou as our base for Gold DofE overseas expeditions.
There are three stages to a Gold expedition: a 4 day practice expedition in a wild country area of the UK,a two day training weekend in the UK and a 4 day qualifying expedition in the Pyrenees or the UK.

Practice Expedition – 4 days – UK

A four day, 3 night practice expedition taking place in a wild country area of the UK. Participants will have their own instructor providing further training in all aspects of the expedition.

Pre-Exped Training – 2 days – UK

More advanced topics will be included in your training now that you will be travelling in a wild area where you will need certain skills to keep you safe and comfortable hours from any help.
Equipment – choosing the right equipment and knowing how to use it is now even more important. You will also need to know how to care for your equipment to prevent deterioration over four days.
Campcraft – One night of your camp will be wild camping- not at a campsite. You will need to learn several new skills to cope with this situation including choosing a camp site and making arrangements for water.
Navigation – a large amount of compass work will be included as effective use of several important compass based navigation skills will be required for successful completion of your adventure.
First aid – more focus on what to do in remote areas and how to keep injured party members warm and safe until help arrives. How to get help and how to deal with more serious injuries will also be covered.
Food and nutrition – carrying all your food for 4 days is a daunting task and every single thing you pack will have to be carefully considered on its merits.

Qualifying Expedition – 4 days – UK

A four day, 3 night qualifying expedition in a wild country area of the UK

Pyrenees Qualifying Expedition – 7 days – France

An amazing 4 day expedition in the Font-Romeu area of the French Pyrenees. This area although at a much greater altitude than most British mountains, is rolling and accessible making it an ideal location for planning and conducting your own gold expedition.
Includes opportunities to take part in extra activities such as summiting Pic du Carlit or visiting the thermal baths.